About Us

Ozark Native Plants is located in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains in the headwaters of the White River. We are in southern Madison county, near St. Paul. We grow all our native plants right here in this beautiful Ozark setting in our outdoor nursery area and gardens.

We are a small family business operated by Jeanne Neath and Paula Mariedaughter. The nursery is part of our homestead. We moved here in 1987 and built our own house with the help of various carpenter friends.

We grow the plants using only organic methods. We don’t want to be around toxic pesticides and we have a lot of respect for our native plants and feel that natural methods are best for them. As natives, our plants live outside year round. We grow many of the plants from seed. Others we divide out from large established plants. We do not harvest any plants from the wild, as we are interested in returning natives to the wild, not reducing the populations that exist there.

Jeanne became interested in native plants through a study of primitive living skills. She was learning to make fire using a bow drill and needed to find the right kinds of wood for easily starting a fire. If you are wondering, the local yuccas seem to be the easiest to use. But, it wasn’t just the bow drill. She also wanted to make cordage and find food sources and herbs in the wild. One thing led to another and she learned a lot about identifying native plants. But, many of the plants she wanted to find did not seem to be growing nearby, perhaps due to an overenthusiastic deer population. This all led eventually to an interest in growing native plants herself. She hopes to restore many of the shade loving natives to the oak hickory forest on the land. She is experimenting with growing natives as food plants in the vegetable garden.

Paula has been a dedicated gardener and plant lover since her childhood in the tropical paradise of south Florida. Her girlhood home was one block from the Everglades. She experience the mild weather of the tropics as well as the violent hurricanes. Her family of nature-lovers grew a key lime tree in the backyard that supplied them with those tart yellow limes almost year-round. Her connection to plants began early when she had her own garden spot. Paula is intrigued by the colors, textures and growing habits of all kinds of plants, not just natives. The ”rusty, rustic” shade garden she started a decade ago is full of native plants including wild ginger, bloodroot, goldenseal, crested iris, trillium, jack-in-the-pulpit and even a yellow lady slipper. These established colonies are the source of the shade-loving seedlings we divide out and pot for you.

Our location is on a four wheel drive road, so we take our plants to various events to make them available to you. Our upcoming schedule is posted on the home page. If you are interested in a particular plant or plants and want to make sure we take the plant to an event you’ll be attending, then please email us to request the plant(s).

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