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He did a good job holding things together during the war and actually remembered boys' names, something Simpson had a hard time with. Also, I well remember how intimidating was the first day at the school, with unfriendly, domineering characters in gowns (including the self-important little twats of head and deputy head boy) throwing their weight around, each and every one on an authoritarian 'power trip'. But, in the spirit of our common school heritage, we have been more than able to retain a completely civilised - and, indeed, warm - relationship since the time Jeff put this site together in 2001. Thanks Laurence, it's my turn next time and we can catch up via email, as more private. In reply to Mr Anonymous - Firstly, homework help for third graders if your email address is known to the organisers of the centenary then you must in recent times have contributed to this site openly, be a member of the Old Gaytonians Association, or had some other recent contact as that is where all have come from. My own year, 1965. Most seem to have become an accountant. Very visible and large 'Runt' signs appeared scratched onto the concrete wall at the edge of the playing field, bordering the Kenton Road. To those who remember me, sorry about that, to those who don't, that may be to your advantage! Who came up with 'worth not birth'? He was a year or two older than I was, so I never knew him very well...... Where things went particularly wrong for some Comps was when certain Inner City schools, notably ILEA, experimented with mixed ability classes. Agreed, Paul. Maybe Chris should invest in a new monitor? Maybe that fund exists in some dusty account? Beakey did his best and Harry Skillen likewise, all to no avail.I might have broken the record for the oldest 5th Former. Stalking? If you write about the past, you have to do research. You had to move in Gollandesque circles to appreciate that one. Can anyone recall the name of a Geography teacher at HCS, buy essay 123 he was a dapper man, had been in the meteorological service in the RAF?

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Were I to confine my conclusions about my time at HCS to a single phrase it would be "character-forming". Thorn and Amos have got a bad press in recent posts ........ Photo - Scholarship Sixth 1951. Fourth from left back row is Brian Wilson. Does anyone remember the scout(any scout.. I also remember Colonel Bigham, vaguely, as he taught me only in the First Form. More memories of HCS as my pea-sized brain gets a head of steam up. D. M. Hambly (School Captain April-July 1916, B.Sc., Executive Engineer, Indian Railway Service of Engineers, Peshawar, business plan d'une entreprise de prestation de service India, 1929. Mr Heaton was my first form-master, he also taught geography and left fairly quickly to take up headmastership of a new local secondary-modern school. Someone added the letter G to the second word, i can't do my literature review making Goff. If so, then please ignore this. If not, then maybe Jeff could move it... Then the 50 year old clouds cleared and I remembered that the photos were always taken in the first few days of term, and I started the 1961 Autumn term a fortnight late, as I had been on Outward Bound at the Moray Sea School. This was a great experience for me because I had a very sympathetic lab head Vic Knivett, who rapidly realised that I could complete the routine requirements of my job in a couple of days each week, and encouraged me to carry out research experiments for the rest of my time. I have not contributed to this forum before, but I feel that I have to respond to Doug Pollard's recent comments. A. Hitler, Idi Amin, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Jacques Robespierre, J. He was frequently in the company of Randall Williams of HCS reknown. I don't think it is fair to castigate him for neglecting those who did not make it to Oxbridge - but will the interminable debate never end!? Brian, Colin et al. What wonderful responses to my question of the 'Golden Years'.

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Last time I saw him in a pub in Pinner he recalled my face but not my name. So, no, I wouldn't ever want to attend any sort of 'celebration', college board essay grading service certainly not one for its centenary. Pete: Well, you might be right. We were treated as visitors, given directions to allow us to navigate the labyrinth - which we clearly knew having previously existed there, whilst those showing us around clearly did not know some of the areas that we did. He then reminded me that many years ago we were the only people on the stage working late. I will add one comment - I think Freda was just 100 when she died, and that was certainly more than 5 years ago, as my wife and I moved north of the border in 2003, and we certainly went to Freda's funeral before then. A shaw is an archaic forest. ORIGIN, Old English sceaga, of Germanic origin related to shag. No doubt, i need help with my algebra 2 homework mathematicians would have been required, too. The Soul Brothers, in the meantime, had a stunningly memorable recording test at Pye Records. The text of the second speech has never to my knowledge been disclosed. Or is that unfair? I think more than ever that it was a great shame that the School was snuffed out in the 70s. I also discovered a musician known as "Twink" who once played drums for "The Fairies. Jim is right about the high times we had in the Simpson Era which is why I would never have been without the man. Colin, I tip my hat to you. But I well recall the red-faced rant I was given by Corporal B on the day in question, down in the bowels of the Orderly Room.

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The HCS we knew served its social purpose and was disbanded to fit what was thought to be a change in society. In which case he must have no small feeling of satisfaction that 40 something years later an African American can be elected President of the USA. They were very fussy over the correct pantone numbers for the two colours and enforced their copyright rigorously. Graham Cutts...I was mighty impressed that you and friends followed the start my contemporaries had made, before you, and organised soccer largely out of the talent not wishing to get muddy on the rugger field, on behalf of the school. HCS. Twink Bradley used to take us rowing on Saturday mornings so we saw another side of him but wasy always eccentric. As we ponder the general inadequacies of language and learning nearly forty years after the demise of HCS, may I slip in a sentence I have just read by our esteemed old Headmaster, Dr Simpson. What a line-up they had that night, Ron Kilby in goal, Shepherd and Kurtz defence, playmaker Booth, clever centre ice George Beech, who lived in Eastcote and looked like a merchant banker when in civvies on the train. I've got an Old Gayts tie - hope that doesn't put me beyond the pale.