Prairie Onions

Plant lovers are often book lovers, too! We sometimes locate new additions to our native plant list while reading a magazine, catalogue or book. Jeanne had already selected Allium stellatum or prairie onion, and had it growing in pots when Paula discovered a glowing endorsement of this delightful plant described as an “easy-to-grow plant for the mid-summer garden”.

In a column called “I Love This Plant”, Kelly Norris described her affection for this allium as an appreciation for “its celestiality; the way it erupts into pink flowers” to be admired in the long days of mid-summer. The showy pink flowers top an erect, leafless steam hovering above the strap-like green foliage. Norris is the horticultural manager of the Des Moines Botanical Garden in Iowa. Her endorsement appeared in the summer 2014 issue of Garden Design magazine.

Allium stellatum can be grown in full sun or part shade; it is drought tolerant and forms 18” tall compact clumps that will naturalize over time. The prairie onion reproduces by bulbs or offsets in fall. Deadheading will control reseeding. With no significant pests this allium may become one of your favorite mid-summer plants also!

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