May 19th sale at Tricycle Farms in Fayetteville

Ozark Native Plants will be selling our plants at Tricycle Farm’s plant sale and open house this Saturday, May 19th. The plant sale begins at 11 and ends at 2 PM. We will have a large selection of native plants available at the sale. This will be our final sale in Fayetteville for this spring. So, if you are wanting native plants and live in Fayetteville this is the time to connect with us! Please note that we will probably be unable to process debit and credit cards at this location, so cash or checks will be the best options for this sale.

purple beardtongueTricycle’s address is 1705 Garland Avenue in Fayetteville. This location is where Sycamore Street forms a T intersection with Garland (right across the street from Trinity United Methodist Church). If you haven’t been to Tricycle before this is a great opportunity to see their urban community garden. They will be having tours of their garden at 10 AM and 2 PM. Plus Tricycle will have their plants for sale from 11 til 2.

I’ve already begun packing the flats for the sale. The milkweed is always slower to come up than we want in the spring. But, finally we have all four of the species of milkweed that we grow: butterfly weed, rose milkweed, whorled milkweed and common milkweed. We’ll have some good-sized plants from last year plus one tray of this year’s not very big butterfly weed. Very cute! All four of these species of milkweed are excellent host plants for monarch butterflies.

Purple beardtongue (pictured above) has spectacular purple flowers. Several of the plants we have potted up have flower buds that are almost ready to open. We will be bringing all these to the sale on Saturday. These plants are incredibly easy to take care of. They like it sunny and dry! Missouri primrose (pictured here) is a wonderful companion plant to purple beardtongue because they bloom at the same time. Missouri primrose flowers are magnificent. The bright yellow blooms measure four inches across!

Missouri primroseHere’s a list of some of the other plants that are headed to Fayetteville on Saturday: sweet joe pye weed, Ozark coneflower, purple coneflower, groundnut (vine with tubers that Native Americans ate), ebony spleenwort (fern), Christmas fern, bloodroot, wild ginger, wood poppies, compass plant, New England aster, boneset (medicinal), cardinal flower, wild strawberries, strawberry bush, mad dog skullcap (medicinal), wild clematis, Solomon’s plume, and many, many more. Email me on Friday if you want to check availability on any specific plants.

And please don’t forget our June 2nd native plant Overstock Sale from 9 to 1 at the St. Paul Library covered porch, just off Highway 16 East. Prices will be reduced on all of our plants. Some of the plants will have steeply reduced prices. We are having this overstock sale so that we will have less watering to do this summer. This is a big chance to get quality native plants at bargain prices.

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