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Jennifer has taught elementary levels K-3 and has master's degrees in elementary education and curriculum/instruction and educational leadership. When your answer is ready, parents doing children's homework it will appear on your Dashboard. Crater - Mouth of a volcano - surrounds a volcanic vent. Pressure has been mounting for a while under the Earth, and now the magma is escaping to the surface. I am dong a school project on this specific volcano & these are much needed facts for me. I am working on a school project and this info is very good. This is great, I used it for an 500 word essay . Thanks! Primary Facts you helped me on a lot of my homework know and I’m sure you will in the future too! You are all awesome. my teacher mr.mann was really proud looking when I turned in my volcano essay. In my experience most kids ( especially little boys ) love a bit of action or excitement. Helped me with volcano homework!!!! This was great for me because in my class I need to do my IDL homework and I will be using this web for the rest.

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You've probably heard about craters on the moon, and maybe you've seen pictures of these deep hollowed out areas. When two plates collide, one section slides on top of the other, the one beneath is pushed down. Thanks! This helps a lot since I’m doing a school homework project. When magma erupts, what is it called? Magma - Molten rock beneath Earth's surface. These sets are created for the more inquisitive child’s mind and will therefore not work on every child. What is a volcano? ... Why do volcanoes erupt? Over half of the world’s volcanoes arise in a belt around the Pacific Ocean called the Ring of Fire. A volcano is a landform (usually a mountain) where molten rock erupts through the surface of the planet. This helped a lot with my geography homework thanks! Way below the surface of the Earth, which is called the crust, is where volcanic activity begins. Me too! Although I was using it for a project. Fresh lava ranges from 1,300° to 2,200° F (700° to 1,200° C) in temperature and glows red hot to white hot as it flows.

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What is the difference between lava and Magma? This really helped me with my power point. Thank you so much for these facts, it helped me. I’m doing a Science project on this volcano. Throat - Entrance of a volcano. The part of the conduit that ejects lava and volcanic ash. If there is a problem with equipment then pop out and purchase a cheap enough science kit for kids, these can be found in most kids stores. The magma can erupt for long periods of time, creating quite a bit of lava. A volcano experiment is great for teaching science in the primary classroom and can be pulled off using most science kits – it’s a great introduction to science for kids of any age. Science kits are great for teaching science in the primary classroom as they contain a lot of different games and activities that can be used to introduce small children to the subject. School open as normal. Please take care on the roads. Whatever you teach, whatever your students want to explore, BrainPOP is a launchpad for curiosity. A volcano crater is very similar. So what tools do your school have or use ( if any ).

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This website is awesome! Science Rocks! Ash - Fragments of lava or rock smaller than 2 mm in size that are blasted into the air by volcanic explosions. Once magma is pushed to the top of the Earth's surface, a hole or crater is formed. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Lava - Molten rock that erupts from a volcano that solidifies as it cools. Normally, this is where the magma stays. When the pressure becomes too extreme, the magma is pushed out of the Earth through something called a main vent. Teaching science in the primary classroom does not have to be a boring exercise. Think of this like a pipeline that the magma shoots through in order to escape the Earth.

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If you were to travel deep inside of the Earth, you would need some extreme heat protecting clothes! Thanks a lot because I am writing a 200 word essay and with this website I am almost finished. Great facts. A non scientific fact is this is where Spartacus defeated the forces of Roman Legatus Glaber which eventually led to the third Serville War, research paper on customer service management aka the Gladiators Rebellion.